Why offer services?

The Benefits of Pet Caregiving

Beyond the wonderful company of adorable pets, here are some great reasons to lend a hand to other pet owners in your area as a pet caregiver.


Bring Animal Energy Into Your Life

Be welcomed home by an adorable wagging tail, playful pooch or snuggle up with a purring kitten. Animal energy and affection is a wonderful thing to bring fresh energy into your life.


Choose the Right Animal

As a pet caregiver, you are in complete control of what animals you provide care for. Choose the family and pet that is right for your situation for a meaningful and rewarding experience.


Meet New People

Develop a friendly relationship with the owner who entrusts you with their beloved pet, whilst also enjoying the new found attention you'll attract from people in your local community saying hello to your furry companion!


Enjoy Quality Moments with Your Whole Family

If you choose to pet sit in your home,  you’ll give your kids a chance to have fun with an enthusiastic playmate as well as learning the responsibility it entails to take care of a pet without the long term commitment!


Supplement Your Income

Being a pet caregiver not only means you can shower a furry companion with care and affection but also allows you to be paid for doing something you love. Because you arrange your own availability and hourly rate, you have full flexibility to manage what works for you.


A Potential New Playmate for Your Own Pet

Even if some pets don't like the company of other animals, some sociable pets will be thrilled to have a new playmate. Don't forget to add any resident pets to your profile so anyone browsing can get to know them too.


You Take Care of Your Guest Pet - We Take Care of the Rest!

We know it takes work and dedication to look after a pet, that's why we take it upon ourselves to make the rest effortless, from free profile setup on the site to uncomplicated bookings and payments.


Signing Up as a PamperMy.Pet is Easy:


1. Create Your Free Profile

This step only takes a few minutes, and you can always change your profile later on. Don't forget to have one clear nice photo with a smile so people recognize you.


2. Create a Listing

Please click the “Create a Listing” button and follow the instructions to create your Pet Caregiver page. Choose a service, select a title, and add a description and upload some photos. Remember that the best photos are not only the ones of you alone, but also with any pets in your life. Don’t worry. You can create multiple listings if you provide different services (Ex. Dog sitting, Cat Visiting).  


2. Add Your Hourly Rate

You and only you define the hourly rate for your services. When setting your prices, don't forget to take into account the contribution owed to PamperMy.Pet.


3. Accept Bookings

Wait for the requests to roll in and select the ones that suit you to get started.

Our customer support is available to answer all of your questions.