Booking Advice

Booking Advice

To make sure you have the best possible learning experience, get started by reading these simple tips about setting up your appointments and interacting with your future pet caregiver.


Increase your options

Increase your chance to choose the best caregiver for you by interacting with multiple caregivers.  You will have the opportunity to choose a caregiver that is the best fit and value for your needs. It is also important to realize that not all caregivers are available for the selected times you may want.


Introduce yourself

Give your pet caregiver information about yourself and be open regarding your expectations and the purpose of the service you need.


Get to know your caregiver

Learn more about the caregiver and the services he or she provides. Read their profiles and feel free to ask for any additional information.


Prep everything

Make sure to understand all the details of your appointment with your caregiver in advance. Explaining your location, directions, and additional things your caregiver might need when before you meet will save you time and insure things run smoothly.


What's not included

Bear in mind that any extra expenses such as transportation, or meals if your caregiver should work long hours may not be included in their hourly rate.


Payment and booking confirmation

Pay for your booking only when you have planned out your appointment and are sure that you have chosen the right caregiver for what you hope to accomplish.


Keep in touch

Exchange contact information with your caregiver and contact the person anytime you need to inform him or her about any changes made to your plans.


First impressions

Let your caregiver know what you look like or what you’ll be wearing so that you can recognize each other on the day of your first meeting.


Keep communication on PamperMy.Pet

We strongly recommend that all written communication with your caregiver appointments on the PamperMy.Pet platform. In case of any unexpected dispute, it will serve as a record of your interaction.


Need help?

Contact us if you experience any trouble or have any questions about your booking before, during or even after your appointment. We are always ready to help.