Advice for Caregivers

Advice For Caregivers

To ensure you have the best possible experience while being a Pet Caregiver, start by reading these simple tips on how to set up your appointments and interact with your future clients.


First contact

A booking request means you have made your first impression as a Pet Caregiver. Make sure to keep up and respond quickly.


Great expectations

To make sure the appointment runs smoothly,  learn what your client expect of you as early as possible and also explain what you offer them. Consider making one complimentary meeting so that you can meet the client and their pet and make sure you are comfortable working with each other.


Be yourself

Be open about who you are, what you like, and what you can offer to your clients. If you and your clients are a good fit, they will have more fun and will most certainly book you again. To save time when communicating, try to put the most important facts about yourself on your personal profile and PamperMy.Pet description page.


Prep everything

Make sure to discuss all the details of the appointment with your client in advance. Knowing the duration, location, and any other items they might need to make the appointment and meet the clients expectations should be explained in advance and will save time and make things run more smoothly.


What's not included

Politely inform your client of any expenses that are not included with your hourly rate such as transportation, or lunch if you have a long appointment.


Payment confirmation

You will be notified when your booking is confirmed, and received the upfront payment.


Keep in touch

Contact your clients whenever you need to inform them about any changes to your plans.


First impressions

Make sure you will be recognized on the day of your meeting. Don’t hesitate to contact your client a few hours before meeting time to make sure everythings a go.


Keeping it classy

Be diligent and don’t be late. If you happen to be behind schedule, please call your client and let him or her know. Have your phone turned on and charged at all times on the day of your appointment.


Keeping it fun

Relax! When meeting your clients, make sure you are rested, in a good mood and eager to start careing for their pet.


Individual or group?

On PamperMy.Pet, your hourly rate is per pet. Make sure you discuss this beforehand and ask your guest to book additional hours if they are planning on having you care for additional pets.


All done? Get paid

Once a booking is made, you get your set rate, and PamperMy.Pet receives a commission (approximately 14.5%) for the support, platform management services and promotion we provide both to our caregivers and guests.


Always keep tabs

We strongly recommend to communicate with your guest via PamperMy.Pet to make sure there is a record of your interaction in case of any disputes that may arise.


Need help?

Contact us if you experience any trouble or have any questions about your booking before, during or even after your appointment. We are always ready to help.