About Us


Our Mission Statement

To make it easy for people to connect with local pet lovers that can help care for their pet when they aren't able to.


About PamperMy.Pet

Do you sometimes spend a lot of time working and feel like you’re neglecting your pet? Perhaps you’re a jetsetter business person or love to take long vacations. What do you do if an emergency comes up and you urgently need someone to walk, visit, feed and care for your pet? It’s never easy trying to figure out how to care for your pet when you’re not around, but the good news is that there’s pet loving people in your local area that are willing and able to help you out. The only problem you have is who are these people and how do you connect with them? That’s where PamperMy.Pet can help!


PamperMy.Pet is an online peer-to-peer platform that makes it easy for people that need help caring for their pets to connect with pet loving people in their community that can help out. Whether you need pet sitting, walking, feeding or visits, PamperMy.Pet helps connect pet parents with local animal lovers that will help keep their pets happy and healthy.


As a pet caregiver, you can easily earn extra cash by helping people in your community care for their pets.  You choose your hourly rate and organize your schedule as you please.


It is important to note that PamperMy.Pet does not offer professional pet caregiver services. However, professional pet caregivers are more than welcome to have accounts on the PamperMy.Pet platform.